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Smoking Kokanee

Smoked salmon is one the greatest tasting fish on the planet, and smoked kokanee (landlocked salmon) are no exception. Here, learn how to prepare, brine and smoke kokanee, whole.

Advanced Sausage Making With: Roger Newfelt

Longtime sausage maker, Roger Newfelt, shares advanced tips on equipment and techniques for those looking to take their sausage making skill to a new level. After this 35 minute seminar, you’ll have all you need to know to become a better sausage maker.

Smoking Fish & Game With: Tiffany Haugen

Smoking fish and game is easy, but there are certain steps and details to pay attention to in order to get the most of the finished product. Here, author and speaker, Tiffany Haugen, takes the next 40 minutes to share how to smoke fish and game meat.

Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator

Infusing foods with cold smoke allows you to smoke foods that can’t be smoked over a heat source. Here’s how the Smoke Chief Smoke Generator works.

The Sporting Chef TV - Tiffany Haugen Makes Bear Jerky and Bear

Bear meat is very tasty, tender and high in protein. See how cookbook author, Tiffany Haugen, makes bear jerky and bear stew that her family loves.

Sporting Chef TV - Tiffany Haugen Shows Smoking Salmon and Steel

Tiffany Haugen, noted fish and game cookbook author, TV personality and national speaker, shares how to prepare salmon and steelhead for smoking in a pellet grill.

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Venison Jerky

Learn how to make great tasting jerky from your deer, elk, caribou, antelope and more!

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