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Shell Fishing

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How To Dig Softshell Clams Using A Single Hole

If targeting big softshell clams, focusing on a large, single show, will increase the odds of success. Place a finger inside the show to detect a suction, then start digging. Softshell clams are considered by many to be second, only to razor clams, in table fare. See how Scott Haugen, author of many fishing books, including one one clam digging, does it.

Tools Used For Digging Clams

Clam digging offers some of the highest return on the investment for sportsmen, as not a lot of gear is required and limits are generous. What tools you use to dig clams depends on when and where you’re digging, what the tides are like and the species of clams you’re going after. Here, noted author and TV host, Scott Haugen, suggests basic gear options to get you started digging your own clams.

What To Look For When Digging Purple Varnish Clams

Not all clam species are cleaned the same way. Here’s a look how to clean purple varnish clams, a clam that’s not often small enough to steam, nor big enough to clean like larger species.

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