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Terminal Gear Setup For Shallow Water Sturgeon Fishing

Fishing for sturgeon in shallow water requires different gear than you might use when targeting bigger sturgeon in deeper water. Here, noted Columbia River sturgeon guide, Jody Smith, shares his favorite shallow water terminal gear setup.

Fighting Sturgeon

Fighting big fish, like sturgeon, isn’t easy. Knowing how to use your body and the rod, helps conserve energy, keeps the line tight and ensures you can get these monster fish to the boat. Proper fighting form also reinforces that rods will not break.

Essential Gear: ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

Keeping your feet warm is important when it comes to staying outdoors for extended periods. ThermaCell’s Heated Insoles operate by way of a wireless remote. The insoles can be trimmed to fit, and with temperatures reaching over 110º, you’re sure to keep toasty warm.

Things You Should Know About Flourocarbon Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon fishing line is very specialized, but has a surprising range of applications. Here, fishing line expert, Don Newman, explains how fluorocarbon fishing line is made and the best conditions in which to fish it.

How To Tie A Double Uni Knot

Here’s how to tie a double uni knot to join a braided fishing line and a monofilament fishing line. This helps save money as you don’t have to fill your entire spool with the more expensive braid.

Trolling For Kokanee: Tip Bait With Corn

Salmon have an incredible sense of smell, and kokanee are no different. Adding scent to any salmon bait or any kokanee bait can greatly increase the odds of catching more fish. Here, tackle developer and kokanee guide, Dave Jones, shares the value of adding scent-soaked corn to trolling gear.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing With A Wake Bait

Wake Bait fishing for smallmouth bass is fun, simple and productive. Here, guide, Jody Smith shares how he likes rigging and fishing a wake bait for smallmouth bass.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing With Jerkbait

When it comes to fishing jerkbaits for smallmouth bass, there are many options. Here, Jody Smith, a well known fishing guide in Oregon, shows how he likes to rig and fish smallmouth bass with one popular jerkbait, called the Ima Jerkbait.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing With A Whopper Flopper Surface Plug

One of the most exciting and productive bass plugs we’ve ever used, the Whopper Plopper draws surface strikes when nothing else seems to produce. Smallmouth bass can’t resist it. Here, Oregon guide, Jody Smith shares how to rig and fish the Whopper Plopper for smallmouth bass.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing With A Rooster Tail Minnow

The Rooster Tail is one of the world’s oldest, and most effective all-around fishing lures. Smallmouth bass love them, especially the new Rooster Tail Minnow. Designed with a highly reflective body that looks like a fish, subsurface flash is maximized with the Rooster Tail Minnow, something fish love. Here, Oregon guide, Jody Smith, shares how to rig and fish a Rooster Tail Minnow for smallmouth bass.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing With A Buzz Jet Jr.

Topwater fishing for smallmouth bass is fun, exciting and productive. Here, Oregon guide, Jody Smith, shares how he likes rigging and fishing a Buzz Jet Jr for smallmouth bass.

Locating Shallow Water Sturgeon

Sturgeon are typically associated with living in deep water, but that’s not always the case. There are specific features to look for as to when and why sturgeon occupy shallow water. Know what to look for and get ready for a hard fight!

Deep Lake Line Counters

Controlling the depth of your fishing line is key to keeping the terminal gear in the strike zone of fish. Here’s a look at how downriggers, line-counter reels and line counters that attach to fishing rods, can help control your depth and catch more fish.

Fishing Plastic Worms For Smallmouth Bass

Rigging and fishing plastic, or rubber, worms for smallmouth bass is easy and very effective. Here, noted guide, Jody Smith, shares how to rig and fish a plastic worm for smallmouth bass.

Rod & Reel Setup For Sturgeon

Due to their size and strength, sturgeon fishing requires specialized gear. Here’s what you need to know when targeting sturgeon in shallow water.

Drift Fishing Spring Chinook With Cured Salmon Eggs

Cured salmon eggs are some of the best natural baits there are for chinook, or king, salmon. Here, see how to rig salmon eggs and fish them on a river.

Fishing Bottom Walkers For Walleye & Perch

Bottom walkers allow anglers to get their bait near the bottom without getting hung-up. Watch as Yakima Bait Companie’s, Jarod Higginbotham, shares how to rig and fish a bottom walker for walleye and perch in a lake setting.

Trolling In Lakes With Planer Boards

Tired of everyone’s rods fishing close to the boat when trolling in lakes? See how planer boards can change the way you fish, and increase the number of fish you catch.

Spring Chinook Fishing With Diver & Eggs

See how Jarod Higginbotham rigs his rod for running a diver and bait for spring chinook, or king, salmon. Cured salmon eggs are likely the best bait for river fishing salmon and steelhead, and divers take the bait down to where the fish are.

Float Fishing For Spring Chinook Salmon

Here, Yakima Bait Companie’s, Jarod Higginbotham, demonstrates how to rig and fish a float fishing setup for spring chinook in river settings. See what gear you need and learn why this approach can be so effective.

How To Tune Plugs For Salmon & Steelhead Fishing

Tuning plugs ensures they run true and attract salmon and steelhead. Here, Jarod Higginbotham details how to tune your plug so it runs straight, whether being backtrolled or casted.

Salmon & Steelhead Hook Options for Mag Lip Plugs

When changing the hooks on any plug, making sure the proper balance is maintained is key to ensuring the plug runs true. Jarod Higginbotham shows us how it’s done on the 3.5 Mag Lip.

How To Clean A Kokanee

Gutting a kokanee is easy. Trout, salmon, steelhead and many other fish can be gutted using this method. With a sharp knife, cleaning a fish in this way is fast and simple.

Gearing Up For Striper Fishing In The Surf

From rods to reels, line to terminal gear, here’s what you need to know to get started striper fishing in the surf. Striped bass can be fished in many ways, in many places, but casting for them in the surf is one of the most exciting, and it’s easy to do. Here, Don Newman shares how to gear-up for stripers in the San Francisco surf.

Multiple Rod Setups For Salmon Fishing

Spring chinook fishing in river systems can find anglers facing many different types of water. To insure you’re getting the most of your salmon fishing efforts, rigging multiple rods to target all the holding and traveling zones, possible, will result in more salmon being caught. Here, Jarod Higginbotham demonstrates multiple rod setups to consider using when fishing spring chinook salmon in rivers.

Curing Salmon Eggs: Brown Sugar Cure

Salmon love sweets, and this cure targets a salmon’s sense of smell and taste. Using brown sugar and sodium sulfite (or sodium bisulfite), this cure puts up a soft egg that’s ideal for fishing in softer water, behind a diver or under a float. The three day curing process on this brown sugar cure is simple, but requires some tending time.

Curing Salmon Eggs With Liquid Cures

When it comes to curing salmon eggs there are many options and recipes. Here, see how three of Pro-Cure’s Liquid Egg Cures are used to cure salmon eggs. In this example, cured eggs are air dried to the desired texture, scents are added then they are placed in the freezer for short-term storage, ready to fish.

Curing Salmon Eggs: 1 Cure, 4 Scents

Scott Haugen, author of the best selling book, Egg Cures: Proven Recipes & Techniques, shows how to cure salmon eggs for salmon and steelhead fishing. Here, Scott uses one commercial cure, TNT, and four scents–Pro-Cure’s Anise Bloody Tuna, Garlic Bloody Tuna, Mike’s Anise Lunker Lotion and Super Dipping Sauce’s Anise flavor.

Curing Salmon Eggs: Multiple Cures

Utilizing multiple salmon cures is important when fishing. Here, Scott Haugen, author of the book, Egg Cures: Proven Recipes & Techniques, shares how to cut and cure salmon eggs using four different brands of pre-packaged cures; TNT, Atlas Mikes, Pro Glow and Pro-Cure.

Egg Curing Tips With: Scott Haugen

Best selling author, Scott Haugen, shares tips on preparing and curing salmon and steelhead eggs. Learn how to best preserve eggs from the moment a fish is caught, through the curing process and the best ways to store them. As you’ll learn, being prepared, ahead of time, is the key to optimizing the quality of your egg cures.

Curing Salmon Eggs: Whole Skeins

Cured eggs are some of the best baits there are when fishing for salmon and steelhead in rivers. Here, learn how to cure whole skeins of salmon eggs using one cure, adding scent–pure grade anise oil–as you go. Refrigerate the eggs to allow juicing, air dry, par freeze and vacuum seal for the best longterm storage.

Kokanee Trolling Gear

When it comes to trolling for kokanee, presentation and attention to detail means everything. Here, kokanee guide, Dave Jones shares some of the most effective trolling gears he’s crafted. Be warned, these rigs catch a lot of kokanee!

Bait Wrapping A Mag Lip

Mag Lips are one of the most effective plugs when it comes to salmon and steelhead fishing. Adding scent to them can make them even better. Here’s how to wrap a strip of baitfish on to a Mag Lip plug.

Rod Positioning For Salmon Trolling

Spreading out your terminal gear is key to covering water when trolling for salmon. Be it king (chinook) salmon or coho (silver) salmon, rod positioning is important. Here, salmon fishing guide, Scott Weedman, shares how he positions multiple salmon rods in his boat.

The Importance Of A Clean Boat

Salmon have a sense of smell measured in parts per billion. Keeping your gear clean, including your boat, is key to boosting catch rates. Here, noted guide, Scott Weedman, shares how he cleans his salmon fishing boat at the end of each day.

Rod Setup For Salmon Fishing Buoy 10

It’s one of the world’s biggest salmon fisheries, but learning where to start can be a challenge. Here, salmon fishing expert, Mike Perusse, shares how to rig a salmon trolling rod for fishing Buoy 10, on the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon.

Curing Salmon Eggs With: Scott Haugen

Join Scott Haugen, author of the best selling book, Egg Cures: Proven Recipes & Techniques as he demonstrates how the egg curing process works. See how to cure whole skeins of salmon eggs, apply scent and store them.

Curing Salmon Eggs: Haugen's Favorite Recipe

Noted salmon and steelhead angler and author of the best selling book, Egg Cures: Proven Recipes & Techniques, Scott Haugen shares his favorite, all-around egg curing recipe when it comes to targeting chinook (king) and coho (silver) salmon from Alaska to California.

Lower Columbia Sturgeon Fishing

Looking for a unique fishing adventure you'll never forget? This is it. Sturgeon fishing on the lower Columbia River. June is the month for fast-action, where multiple fish up to 8' long will be caught and released.

Umpqua River Smallmouth Bass

Oregon's Umpqua River is one of the world's top smallmouth bass fisheries. We've fished with this guide for over a decade, and he has access to some of the river's best water. Catching smallmouth bass up to 5 pounds is very possible, and many anglers will release over 100 fish a day.

How To Wrap Salmon Eggs

Guide, Austin Moser, shares how to wrap salmon eggs. This is a good tip if looking to conserve on eggs, if fishing in rough water, bouncing along rocky bottoms or have trout pecking at your bait when trying to catch a salmon. Austin guides in Washington and Alaska. This tip was shot at the Alaska King Salmon Adventures camp on the Nushagak River.

How To Fillet Salmon

Guide, Austin Moser, of Alaska King Salmon Adventures, shares one way to fillet a salmon. There are different ways to fillet a salmon, and Austin Moser, who guides in Alaska and Washington, fillets many fish a year. This is his favorite approach.

How To Bleed A Fish

Bleeding a fish helps increase the quality of its table fare. Here's a quick and easy way to rid your fish of blood, insuring the best eating meat possible.

Stoney River Promo

Looking for a remote Alaskan fly-out fishing adventure? This is it!

Naknek Promo

Searching for a fun Alaska fishing adventure at an affordable price? Look no further, as this one is perfect for flyfishing fans, those looking for a family getaway, or anglers seeking a customized fly-out trip.

King Salmon Fishing Alaska On Alaska's Nushagak River

Want to experience fishing on the world's best king salmon river? Here it is! We've been to this Alaska camp many times, and because this river receives the biggest run of king salmon in the world, the fishing is beyond words!

Seminar: Winter Steelhead Fishing Techniques

Join author, speaker and TV host, Scott Haugen, in this comprehensive winter steelhead fishing seminar. Whether fishing from the bank or a boat, these winter steelhead tips are meant to help you maximize your time and efficiency on the water and catch more fish.

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Casting For Coho Salmon

Be it lures, jigs, plugs or spinners, they can all be casted to coho salmon. Here's how it's done.

Micro Jig Fishing On The Fly

Bridging the gap between fly fishing and float fishing, this approach can catch steelhead, coho and trout, when nothing else seems to work.

Boga Grip...And Release!

Not only is the Boga Grip ideal for warmwater fish, it works wonders on salmon, steelhead and more.

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