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Predator Hunting

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Essential Gear: Point Blank's Cry Baby

Calling deer can be very effective during certain times of the year. Here, Scott Haugen shares how to use a predator call to attract not only predators, but deer, as well.

Firearm Shooting Positions

Shooting accuracy comes down to a solid rest. Applying these shooting forms will help make you a better shot. These tips, shared by a youth, apply to all hunters.

Plate Rack With: Travis Gibson

MGM Targets revolutionized steel plate shooting with this Plate Rack. The Plate Rack system is great for ranges, or for high volume shooting on your own. The MGM Plate Rack resets with the pull of a cord, and can be shot with handguns or rifles, thanks to their innovative rifle grade shield.

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Hunting The West

From big game to birds, predators and more, there's no shortage of hunting opportunities throughout the West.

6 Steps To Coyote Hunting The Pacific Northwest

Coyote hunting in the Pacific Northwest isn't easy. Here are some tips to help get started.

Coyote Hunting The West

Coyote numbers continue to grow out West, and so do the opportunities to hunt them

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