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Ocean Fishing

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Tarpon Fishing In Campeche Mexico

Campeche, Mexico is THE place when it comes to pursuing young tarpon in high numbers, and we can take you there!

How To Bleed A Fish

Bleeding a fish helps increase the quality of its table fare. Here's a quick and easy way to rid your fish of blood, insuring the best eating meat possible.

How To Fillet Salmon

Guide, Austin Moser, of Alaska King Salmon Adventures, shares one way to fillet a salmon. There are different ways to fillet a salmon, and Austin Moser, who guides in Alaska and Washington, fillets many fish a year. This is his favorite approach.

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Boga Grip...And Release!

Not only is the Boga Grip ideal for warmwater fish, it works wonders on salmon, steelhead and more.

Flashlights For Fishing

Many fishing days start and end in the dark. Having a quality flashlight, or flashlights, can make a big difference.

Ling Cod Fishing In Alaska

Alaska's Inside Passage offers some of the best ling cod fishing on the planet, and here's how to catch them.

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