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Ice Fishing

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Ice Fishing For Sheefish

Alaska has many species of exciting fish to pursue, and the sheefish is one of them. Occupying rivers in the northern part of the state, sheefish are typically sought in the summer and early fall months. But, as you will see, ice fishing for them can be thrilling and productive. Join noted outdoor writer, Paul Atkins, his buddy Lewis Pagel, noted ice-fishing experts, Butch & Jehnifer Ehmann, and more, as they venture on to the ice, near Kotzebue, Alaska, in search of hefty, great-eating sheefish.

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A Wish To Fish

The Make A Wish foundation is known for making dreams come true, so when a young man from Florida requested an ice fishing adventure in Alaska, Butch and Jehnifer Ehmann were contacted for help.

Ice Fishing With Kids

Want to get more kids on the ice, fishing, and have a good time? Noted ice fishing experts, Butch and Jehnifer Ehmann share how to do just that!

Early Season Ice Fishing Tips

Noted Alaskan authors and ice fishing specialists, Butch and Jehnifer Ehmann, share some tips to get you out on the ice, safely!

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