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Essential Gear

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Essential Gear: ThermaCELL Bug Repellent

Wherever mosquitos, no see ums and white socks (black flies) live, you’ll want a ThermaCELL bug repellent unit. We first field tested this product over 10 years ago, in Alaska, and have been using it ever since. If it works in Alaska, it’ll work anywhere. No more sprays or lotions. With different models to choose from, there’s something to meet every outdoor need.

Binocular Option

Noted author, TV host and contributor, Gary Lewis, shares a great gift idea for dad. Binoculars are an important piece of gear, and Gary shares why he likes these.

Essential Gear: Hydration System

Staying hydrated is one of the most important rules when hunting out West, or anywhere in the world. A quality hydration system is a must, and here are some tips to help make your time afield safe and productive.

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Pick A Hunting Pack That's Right For You

At the peak of his full-time hunting career, the author was embarking on over 50 big game hunts a year. It's safe to say he's learned a thing or two when it comes to pack selection.

What's In Your Hunting Pack?

What goes in to each hunters pack is based on needs and preferences, but it's also dependent on when, where, how you're hunting and what species you're targeting.

Bear Scat & What Hunters Can Learn From It

Really want to increase the odds of filling a bear tag? Learn how to read their scat.

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