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Father's Day Tip - Camp Stove

Noted author, TV host and contributor, Gary Lewis, shares what he likes about Camp Chef's Stryker Stoves. Looking for a gift for dad? This could be it!

Sharpening & Honing Knifes

Chef, David Amar, is well known in Washington and is loved in the Alaska King Salmon Adventures camp! Here he shares basic knife sharpening and honing tips that will help everyone, whether you're in the kitchen or in the field. Having sharp knives is safe and efficient, and David shares simple tips you can apply.

Optics For Turkey Hunting

When turkey hunting out West, quality optics can save valued time by allowing you to cover ground with your eyes, not your feet. They can also help you size-up a tom before making a move on it. Here are some optics we like using while turkey hunting throughout the West.

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