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Essential Gear

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Essential Gear: ThermaCELL Bug Repellent

Wherever mosquitos, no see ums and white socks (black flies) live, you’ll want a ThermaCELL bug repellent unit. We first field tested this product over 10 years ago, in Alaska, and have been using it ever since. If it works in Alaska, it’ll work anywhere. No more sprays or lotions. With different models to choose from, there’s something to meet every outdoor need.

Seminar: Winter Steelhead Fishing Techniques

Join author, speaker and TV host, Scott Haugen, in this comprehensive winter steelhead fishing seminar. Whether fishing from the bank or a boat, these winter steelhead tips are meant to help you maximize your time and efficiency on the water and catch more fish.

Making Sweet Potato Fries With Camp Chef

Kent Millecam shares how to make delicious sweet potato fries using Camp Chef's single burner stove and accessories.

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Boga Grip...And Release!

Not only is the Boga Grip ideal for warmwater fish, it works wonders on salmon, steelhead and more.

Fishing Beads For Rainbow Trout

Beads simulate spawning salmon eggs, which can be exceptional attractants when targeting trout, Dolly Varden and more.

Fishing Gear I Use & Why

For over 45 years Scott Haugen has been fishing salmon, steelhead, trout and other species. Here's a look at some of his favorite fishing gear.

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