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Using Bog Pod's Tripod Shooting Sticks

The more anchor points you have, the more accurate your shot will be. Here's a tip from author and TV host, Scott Haugen, on why he uses Bog Pod's Tripod Shooting Sticks and how to use them.

General Tips For Rattling Deer

Rattling blacktail deer can be done in many ways. There are several things to take into consideration when rattling blacktail deer, not the least of which are wind direction, hunter pressure, elevation, weather, buck to doe ratios, buck densities and whether or not you're looking to put meat in the freezer or score on a record class buck. Here, noted blacktail authority, Scott Haugen, shares an approach he's had success with when it comes to rattling for any size blacktail buck. He's also had this technique work on whitetails and mule deer.

Rifle Sling Options

When it comes to choosing a rifle sling, there are many options. Here are some tips to consider when picking a rifle sling that's right for you. Of course, what sling you ultimately decide on comes down to comfort, the style of hunting you'll be doing, the terrain you'll be hunting in an the rifle you're carrying.

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Shooting In Extreme Conditions

Hunting in snow, sleet, ice, rain and sub-zero temperatures can be challenging. Here's how to make those shots count!

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