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Dog Training

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Blacktail Shed Hunting With Dogs

Using dogs to find deer and elk antler sheds is very effective. Even mature dogs can be trained to find antler sheds. Using dogs to locate antler sheds in brushy country can help you find sheds you’d otherwise never see. Here’s how to pick prime locations when it comes to shed hunting for Columbia blacktail deer antlers in the Pacific Northwest.

Marked Water Retrieve

Bumper training with a hunting dog is common on land, but it’s also very productive in the water. Not only does it teach a dog discipline and self-control, it helps keep them cool on hot days and is great exercise.

Introducing Your Dog To Water

No matter what type of dog you have, if wanting them to like the water, introduce them to it at a young age. Make it fun and don’t force the dog into an uncomfortable situation. Integrate toys, bumpers and positive rewards, and often times your dog won’t want to go home.

Duck Simulation Retrieve

When it comes to training bird dogs in the off-season, simulating a hunting situation is ideal. Here’s a tip for waterfowl hunters looking to hone their dog’s retrieving skills.

Choosing A Hunting Dog For You

Looking to bring a hunting dog into your life? Here’s some direction to help get started.

Long Range Marked Retrieve

It takes discipline and drive for a dog to mark objects at long distances, then retrieve them to hand. Here’s how to practice long range retrieving by tossing bumpers into the air so dogs can see them, then fetch. This is important for any bird dog, upland or waterfowl.

Water Training Your Gun Dog

Using a canoe to not only get your young gun dog used to water, but in shape, makes if fun for you and your dog. Here, noted trainer, Howard Meyer, takes some of his hunting dogs on their first swim, ever, and gets them a good workout.

How To Keep Your Dog's Feet In Shape

There are no real short cuts for keeping your gundog's feet in shape. While boots and liquid applications can help protect your dog's feet, there's no substitute for breakin in their feet through conditioning. Here's a tip to help get your dog's feet conditioned for demanding upland bird hunts.

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Hot Weather Dog Training

When conditions are hot outside, turn to these methods to train you dog and help keep them, and yourself, in shape.

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