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Bird Hunting

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Browning Performance Shotgun Target Loads

Searching for a quality shotgun load? Here's the latest from Ben Frank, of Browning Ammunition.

How To Clean A Quail

Quail are widely hunted throughout North America. Here's a tip on how to quickly clean a quail in order to optimize it's quality of table fare.

How To Pluck And Clean A Dove

Doves are some of the most widely hunted and best eating game birds in North America. Here's how to quickly pluck a dove and clean a dove in preparation for cooking.

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Western Turkey Hunting Book

"The best illustrated book ever written on turkey hunting!" says Roland Martin

Gobblers On The Fringe

Looking to coax wily turkeys off private lands by hunting nearby public lands? Here's how.

Patterning Your Turkey Shotgun

Here's how to pattern your specialized turkey shotgun and why it's important.

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