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Big Game Hunting

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Weatherby Tip - Bore Sighting

See how to easily bore sight your rifle using two different techniques to get you on paper so you can fully sight in before the hunt.

Essential Gear: Trijicon Optics

For more than a decade, TV host, author and speaker, Scott Haugen has used Trijicon optics around the world. Nothing speaks more highly of this line of optics than performance, as you’ll see, here.

Essential Gear: ThermaCELL Bug Repellent

Wherever mosquitos, no see ums and white socks (black flies) live, you’ll want a ThermaCELL bug repellent unit. We first field tested this product over 10 years ago, in Alaska, and have been using it ever since. If it works in Alaska, it’ll work anywhere. No more sprays or lotions. With different models to choose from, there’s something to meet every outdoor need.

Deer Hunting East Australia

Deer hunting in the South Pacific is an adventure worth living. We’ve hunted this region multiple times, and have connected with an outfitter who offers exceptional hunts for rusa, fallow and axis deer, along with red stag, both free range and on private estates. Brisbane is the hub town, making it a great combination for hunting and a family vacation.

MGM Flash Target With: Travis Gibson

The MGM Standard Flash Target is great for long range shooting, be it alone or with a spotter. Here, accomplished 3 gun shooter, Travis Gibson, explains the features of the MGM Standard Flash Target and how it works.

Blacktail Shed Hunting With Dogs

Using dogs to find deer and elk antler sheds is very effective. Even mature dogs can be trained to find antler sheds. Using dogs to locate antler sheds in brushy country can help you find sheds you’d otherwise never see. Here’s how to pick prime locations when it comes to shed hunting for Columbia blacktail deer antlers in the Pacific Northwest.

Essential Gear: ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

Keeping your feet warm is important when it comes to staying outdoors for extended periods. ThermaCell’s Heated Insoles operate by way of a wireless remote. The insoles can be trimmed to fit, and with temperatures reaching over 110º, you’re sure to keep toasty warm.

Archery Shot Placement For Antelope

Pronghorn are surprisingly small-statured, meaning shot placement is critical for bowhunters. Fortunately, the natural brown and white body coloration of an antelope will help archers focus when it comes time for the shot.

Electronic Calls For Black Bear

Calling black bears can be very effective in both the spring and fall seasons. Here's a tip on calling fall black bears, that also works in the spring season. Make sure electronic calls are legal for bears in the state you plan on hunting.

Archery Ground Blind Hunting Tip

Simulating hunting situations is some of the best bow practice there is. Here, Scott Haugen shares how to prepare for archery hunting from a ground blind.

How To Butcher A Whole Deer On Your Own

In this 45 minute seminar demonstration, noted authors, speakers and TV personalities, Scott and Tiffany Haugen, show how to butcher your own deer. They also detail how to cut up your meat and get the most from cooking all the cuts.

Water Buffalo Hunting North Australia

Looking for the perfect water buffalo hunting adventure in the Australian Outback? This is it! We’ve hunted here multiple times, have taken record class animals, and seen world record class bulls. There is also world-class banteng taken each year and the wild pig hunting is some of the best in the world. The outfitter is top notch, the hunting second to none. This is a great place for families to travel to, enjoying the hunt and a vacation around Darwin and the Great Barrier Reef.

T-Post With: Travis Gibson

MGM Target’s T-Post series is one of the most durable steel targets ever created. Primarily designed for rifle shooting, it can also be shot at closer range with hand guns and AR platforms.

Dueling Tree With: Travis Gibson

Shooting a .22 rifle is a great way to hone shooting skills. MGM’s Dueling Tree steel target is a system that increases accuracy, gun handling skills and builds proper form. It’s also fun to shoot with a partner, be it with rifle or pistol.

.22 Spinner With: Travis Gibson

Moving targets are a challenge to hit, be it a steel plate or varmint. The .22 Spinner Target by MGM, forces you to shoot at precise times, whereby building patience, accuracy, shot timing and it also forces you to maintain good shooting form, as noted 3 Gun shooter, Travis Gibson, demonstrates.

Steel Challenge Targets With: Travis Gibson

Noted 3 Gun pro’ shooter, Travis Gibson, demonstrates how the MGM Steel Target Challenge can enhance your shooting skills, and the range of guns that can be used with it.

MGM Switchview Lever With: Travis Gibson

Looking to increase the efficiency of changing the magnification on your scope? The MGM Switchview Lever will help.

Large Caliber Spinner Target With: Travis Gibson

Nothing builds shooting skills like a moving target. Here, noted professional shooter, Travis Gibson, details how MGM’s Large Caliber Spinner steel target works.

Sportsman Long Range With: Travis Gibson

Travis Gibson, one of the top 3 Gun competitors in the country, shares how to assemble MGM Target’s Long Range Sportsman’s series steel plate target. This target can be shot with handgun, rifle or muzzleloader.

3 Gun Competition Explained With: Travis Gibson

Noted 3 Gun shooter, Travis Gibson, shares what a 3 Gun competition is and how to get started.

Plate Rack With: Travis Gibson

MGM Targets revolutionized steel plate shooting with this Plate Rack. The Plate Rack system is great for ranges, or for high volume shooting on your own. The MGM Plate Rack resets with the pull of a cord, and can be shot with handguns or rifles, thanks to their innovative rifle grade shield.

Standard Approach To Caping Big Game

Caping big game is easy, you just have to know what cuts to make. Scott Haugen, longtime author and TV host, has caped hundreds of big game animals over the years, and shares how simple it really is. When in the field for extended periods, caping your big game animal is a good skill to know if wishing to have it mounted.

How To Skin & Quarter A Black Bear

Learn how to skin and quarter a black bear while in the field. This approach works on any bear, or any big game animal. Noted author, TV host and speaker, Scott Haugen, has skinned and butchered numerous big game animals, and shows how it’s done, here.

Skinning Big Game: Hang & Skin Method

Many hunters are able to gut their animals in the field, then get the animal home or back to camp, whole. Here’s how to hang and skin a big game animal, as demonstrated by author and TV personality, Scott Haugen.

Big Game Field Care: Gutless Method

There are many ways to field dress big game, but the gutless method is likely the quickest and cleanest. Scott Haugen shares how it’s done on an elk, a method that works on all big game.

Meat Care While Afield

We hunt to eat wild game. Professional writer and TV host, Scott Haugen and his family live on wild game, and optimizing the meat they eat starts in the field. Here are some tips to help make the most of your game meat.

Field Judging Bears

Bears are one of North America’s most challenging animals to field judge. Here, Scott Haugen, who has taken many bears, shares 5 tips he adheres to when looking for a trophy class bear.

Firearm Shooting Positions

Shooting accuracy comes down to a solid rest. Applying these shooting forms will help make you a better shot. These tips, shared by a youth, apply to all hunters.

Good-To-Go Dehydrated Food Packets

Looking for a lightweight, healthy meal that’s simple to prepare while hunting, fishing, camping or hiking? This is it!

On The Hunt For Roosevelt Elk

Roosevelt elk are one of the three subspecies of elk found in North America. Here, a 13 year old youth hunter and her father, venture into the foothills of Oregon’s Cascade Range to see if they can fill a tag.

Idaho Whitetail Deer Hunt

Whitetail deer thrive in many western states, and this hunt is a prime example of the number and size of whitetail deer in central Idaho. We’ve been in multiple camps with this outfitter over the years, and everyone has experienced high success. Spot and stalk is the main approach, but sitting in stands, glassing canyons and draws, is also effective. From river bottoms to steep mountains, deer are thick in this part of Idaho. As part of, we offer a booking agency, working with outfitters we’ve personally hunted or fished with, people we put our name and reputation behind.

Idaho Fall Bear Hunt

If looking for a fall black bear hunt in central Idaho, this is one we’ve been on many times. Hunting options include running hounds, or going spot and stalk. As part of, we offer a booking agency, working with outfitters we’ve personally hunted or fished with, people we put our name and reputation behind.

Long Range Archery Practice

Learn the value of practicing with your bow at long range. Follow these suggestions by author and TV host, Scott Haugen, and you will become a better shot.

In The Field Bow Practice

Just because you’re on the hunt doesn’t mean shooting practice should stop. Here, outdoor writer and TV personality, Scott Haugen, shares in the field shooting tips that have helped him over the years.

Bow Care When In The Field

When in the field, frequently check all parts of your bow to make sure everything is solid and efficiently working. Hunting can be hard on equipment, even bows. Here’s what to look for.

Bow Maintenance While On the Road

When in the field, frequently check all parts of your bow to make sure everything is solid and efficiently working. Hunting can be hard on equipment, even bows. Here’s what to look for.

Close Range Archery Practice

Good archery shooting form is built through repetition, and it doesn’t require long shots. Here, Scott Haugen shares valuable tips to help archers increase accuracy.

Practical Bow Shooting Practice

To be the best shot possible in hunting situations, practice the shots and shot angles you’ll find yourself in. Scott Haugen shares how it’s done.

Idaho Spring Bear Hunt

Black bear hunting is one of the fastest growing segments in the hunting world, and with good reason. Bear densities are high and predation on elk and deer, substantial. In some areas of the Pac. NW, bears kill 75% of elk herds. This hunt takes place in central Idaho, and is one we’ve been on many times over the years. Due to the dense timber and rugged terrain, all hunts are conducted over bait. As part of, we offer a booking agency, working with outfitters we’ve personally hunted or fished with, people we put our name and reputation behind.

On The Hunt For Blackbuck Antelope

Join Scott Haugen as he hunts free-ranging blackbuck antelope in Texas.

On The Hunt For Western Whitetail Deer

Come along as a 14 year old boy goes on his first whitetail deer hunt. This is one all youth hunters will enjoy.

Firearm Maintenance While On The Road

You’ve arrived in hunting camp, what can you do to make sure you’re gun made it in good condition? Watch this short video and see.

Alaska Travel: Protecting Your Firearm

Many people dream of hunting in Alaska. Here are some valuable tips on gun transportation, no matter where in the state you may be going.

Ranging Big Game For Bowhunters

Rangefinders could be a bowhunter’s most valuable tool. Here’s how author and TV host, Scott Haugen, relies on his rangefinder to optimize shot placement.

Getting In Shape For The Hunt

You don’t have to be a hard-core athlete to be an effective hunter. Here, Scott Haugen offers guidelines to get in shape for the hunt.

Bear Shot Placement For Bowhunters

Hit properly, bears expire very quickly. Hit poorly, a bear may never be recovered. Here, Scott Haugen, who has taken many bears with archery gear, details where to shoot a bear with a bow and arrow.

Big Game Hunting In Zimbabwe

From prized plains game to some of Africa’s big five, this is one of the most amazing places we’ve ever hunted. The land and animals are stunning, and the outfitter, as good as they come. We’ve hunted with this outfitter multiple times in Zimbabwe, and would return in a second. He’s recently acquired a new concession with an abundance of Cape buffalo and some exceptional plains game. Leopard quotas are also established and tags, available. Travel has been safe, the food and lodging, exceptional.

How To Cape A Bear

Want to learn how to cape out a bear? It’s easy! It doesn’t matter what kind of bear it is, this caping method applies to all of them. TV host and author, Scott Haugen, has skinned, butchered and caped dozens of bears, and demonstrates how easy it really is.

Musk Ox Hunting In The Alaskan Arctic

Musk ox top the wish list of most big game hunters. The toughest part of hunting musk ox is battling the conditions, then efficiently handling the animal, once down. Come along on this unique hunt as Kotzebue, Alaska resident Paul Atkins gets up close and personal with a herd of musk ox, then his buddy, Lew Pagel, closes the deal on a Boone & Crockett class bull.

Big Game Field Tips: Glassing With Multiple Optics

When hunting big game out west, or in other parts of the world, efficient glassing can save valued time and energy. Here, see how professional hunter, Scott Haugen, likes combing the use of binoculars and a spotting scope to locate more game.

Using A Range Finder For Open Country Mule Deer

Determining distances is one of the biggest challenges when it comes time to make a shot on open country mule deer. Here, Scott Haugen shares the binocular/range finder setup he prefers when hunting big game anywhere in the world. Don't understimate the importance of knowing the exact distance when making a shot, for it could mean the difference between a clean hit or unfortunate miss.

Rifle Sling Options

When it comes to choosing a rifle sling, there are many options. Here are some tips to consider when picking a rifle sling that's right for you. Of course, what sling you ultimately decide on comes down to comfort, the style of hunting you'll be doing, the terrain you'll be hunting in an the rifle you're carrying.

General Tips For Rattling Deer

Rattling blacktail deer can be done in many ways. There are several things to take into consideration when rattling blacktail deer, not the least of which are wind direction, hunter pressure, elevation, weather, buck to doe ratios, buck densities and whether or not you're looking to put meat in the freezer or score on a record class buck. Here, noted blacktail authority, Scott Haugen, shares an approach he's had success with when it comes to rattling for any size blacktail buck. He's also had this technique work on whitetails and mule deer.

Aggressive Rattling For Deer

When rattling amid harsh conditions, or if searching for trophy-class blacktail deer, this is one of the approaches noted author, Scott Haugen, relies on. If you find an area with fresh rubs on good sized trees, and subsequent rubs made over the previous three to five years, you know you're in a good spot to rattle in a mature blacktail buck.

Packing For A Hunt In Alaska's Bush

Alaska is not a testing ground for hunting gear. By the time your Alaskan hunting adventure is under way, you'd better know how each piece of gear performs and what it's capable of. Here, former Alaskan resident, noted TV host and author, Scott Haugen, shares valuable tips when it comes to packing for a hunt in Alaska. With more than 25 years of experience hunting throughout Alaska, these tips will help in preparing for your adventure.

Hunting in Zimbabwe

Looking to hunt Cape buffalo and leopard, along with prized sable, kudu, eland, waterbuck and much more? This is the place! We've been here multiple times and the breathtaking setting, world-class hunting, and one of the best PHs and staff we've ever been with, await you. When you dream of an African safari, this is it.

Meat Care In Camp

Caring for big game meat should start the moment an animal is down. Once in camp, there are steps you can take to optimize the quality of the meat, starting with this tip.

Remove The Gland From Big Game Hind Quarters

Inside the hind quarter of big game animals there is a gland that should be removed. This gland, if cooked with or mixed into the grind for burger, can taint the flavor of your meat. Here's where the gland is located within the hind quarter and now to remove it.

Scouting Waterholes For Mule Deer

Water holes are a great place for big game to congregate, especially in dry habitats. Here's a mule deer scouting tip to help you learn about the animals in the area you'll be hunting.

Knife Sharpeners For In The Field

When in the field on big game hunts, having a sharp knife is important for making safe cuts and getting the job done efficiently. Here, Scott Haugen, shares what sharpeners he uses in the field, and how to use them.

Scroll The Land To Find Deer

Want to spot more big game? Try scrolling the land as you go. Scrolling the land is a safe, effective way to spot deer, elk, bear, pronghorns, and more, before they spot you.

Scouting For Mule Deer

Here's a mule deer scouting tip to help fill that prized tag.

Cooling Hind Quarters In The Field

Hind quarters of big game animals retain a lot of heat. Here's a tip to get those hind quarters quickly cooling, whereby optimizing the table fare.

How To Cape An Antelope

Caping your own big game animal is easy. Here, Scott Haugen shares how to cape a pronghorn on your own.

Cleaning Bloodshot From Big Game

Cleaning the bloodshot tissues away from big game meat is vital in an effort to retain the best eating meat possible. Whether an animal is taken with a rifle or bow, there's almost bloodshot tissues that should be removed. Here's how it's done.

Using Bog Pod's Tripod Shooting Sticks

The more anchor points you have, the more accurate your shot will be. Here's a tip from author and TV host, Scott Haugen, on why he uses Bog Pod's Tripod Shooting Sticks and how to use them.

Knife Sharpening At Camp

When in the field there are steps you can take to keep your knife sharp. If the knife does become dull, a quick honing will regain the edge so you can safely finish the job.

Essential Gear: Hydration System

Staying hydrated is one of the most important rules when hunting out West, or anywhere in the world. A quality hydration system is a must, and here are some tips to help make your time afield safe and productive.

Binocular Option

Noted author, TV host and contributor, Gary Lewis, shares a great gift idea for dad. Binoculars are an important piece of gear, and Gary shares why he likes these.

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