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Field Judging Bears

Bears are one of North America’s most challenging animals to field judge. Here, Scott Haugen, who has taken many bears, shares 5 tips he adheres to when looking for a trophy class bear.

Binocular Option

Noted author, TV host and contributor, Gary Lewis, shares a great gift idea for dad. Binoculars are an important piece of gear, and Gary shares why he likes these.

Essential Gear: Hydration System

Staying hydrated is one of the most important rules when hunting out West, or anywhere in the world. A quality hydration system is a must, and here are some tips to help make your time afield safe and productive.

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What's In Your Hunting Pack?

What goes in to each hunters pack is based on needs and preferences, but it's also dependent on when, where, how you're hunting and what species you're targeting.

Get Aggressive For Elk

Overthink, don't react, question every move and you likely won't fill that elk tag...but if you get aggressive and hunt with confidence, make room in the freezer!

The Allure Of Pronghorn Hunting

Nice weather, lots of game and multiple opportunities: that's what makes pronghorn hunting out West, so special.

Bowhunting Turkeys

Turkey hunting out West is different than in other parts of the country. Here's what early season archers need to know to get started.

Pick A Hunting Pack That's Right For You

At the peak of his full-time hunting career, the author was embarking on over 50 big game hunts a year. It's safe to say he's learned a thing or two when it comes to pack selection.

10 Tips For Becoming A Better Bowhunter

Looking to boost your odds of bowhunting success this season? Here are 10 steps to help you do just that, no matter what the quarry!

Columbia Blacktail Deer, Their Scents & What Hunters Need To Kno

​How a blacktail relies on its nose to learn what’s going on in it’s brushy habitat can offer great insight to serious hunters.

Rattling Columbia Blacktail Deer

​When it comes to hunting one of North America’s most challenging deer, try rattling for those shy Columbia blacktails of the Pacific Northwest.

Deer Scents & What They Mean

​When it comes to hunter success, understanding a deer’s glandular system, and how it’s used, is important.

Hunting The West

From big game to birds, predators and more, there's no shortage of hunting opportunities throughout the West.

Common Mistakes Made By Deer Hunters Out West

October means rifle season throughout western deer country. Here are mistakes to avoid if you want to fill your tag.

All-Around Optics For Big Game Hunting

From rifle scopes to binoculars, spotting scopes to rangefinders, here's what you need to know to hunt more effectively and efficiently.

Calling Alaska/Yukon Moose

Hunting moose is one of big game hunting's greatest thrills...calling one to within spitting distance is a different deal!

Summer Hog Hunting Adventure

When Paul Atkins leaves his teaching job in Alaska for the summer, he heads to Oklahoma, where the hunting never stops!

Late Season Bowhunting Basics For Whitetails

Late season whitetail deer hunting can be the toughest hunt of all. Here, noted author and hunter, Paul Atkins shares some of his tips for success.

Bowhunting Musk Ox In The Arctic

They're one of the world's oldest living creatures, and top the bucket list of many big game hunters. Paul Atkins has taken multiple record class musk ox over the years; here's how he does it!

Bowhunting Dall Sheep In Alaska

Sheep hunts are some of the most demanding hunts there are, and to do it with a bow is a major achievement.

Bowhunting Alaska's Big Game

Noted author, Paul Atkins takes a detailed look at bowhunting Alaska's "Big 10."

Bowhunting Elk: Shot Placement

Here's what to look for when it comes to arrow placement on elk.

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