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Campeche City, Mexico
February-June and October-November
Tarpon in the 5-30 pound class (10 pound ave.), with the occasional snook, Jack Crevalle, barracuda and local snapper.
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A world-class saltwater fishing destination for tarpon in the 5-30 pound class, Campeche has become the fishing destination of choice for anglers looking to battle acrobatic fish on light tackle. Safe and secure with great food, wonderful service and comfortable accommodations, this is a culturally rich, fish-catching adventure you’ll truly enjoy.
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Detailed Description

Tarpon Fishing In Campeche, Mexico
This is one of the world's most prized saltwater fishing adventures, but largely remains untapped in terms of the overall pressure it receives. From beginners to experts, everyone can expect to catch fish on this trip, but having some experience in saltwater flyfishing helps boost catch rates. Spinning gear can also be used.

A quaint and secure seaside fishing village where you honestly feel like you are not in Mexico, Campeche is actually a thriving city of over 350,000 people. It's the capital city of the state of Campeche, located on the western shores of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The water is flat, with afternoon winds sometimes moving through. The fishing begins at daylight, ending around 2:00 in the afternoon, unless the fish are biting, then you'll stay longer. We fish on the mangrove edges, up the tiny rivers (rios) and out in the open water on turtle grass flats from 5-15 feet deep.

A three- or four-piece, 8/9 weight fly rod with a fast action is perfect; multi-piece rods are ideal for travel. A sinking tip or slow sinking line with a 20-pound monofilament leader and 40-pound fluorocarbon tippet work well, or a 9-foot leader tapered to a 40-pound bite tippet.

Classic tarpon flies like Seaducers, Minnows, Cockroaches, Gurglers, EP's, Bunnies, Stu Apte Tarpon Flye and Gary Merriman's Tarpon Toad all produce. Flies should be no longer than 3-inches, tied on strong size 1, 1/0 and 2/0 hooks. Spool up with at least 100 yards of backing.

As for casting gear, a two-piece medium action spinning rod in the 6 1/2'-8' range with 10-12 pound monofilament is all you need. Marabou or bucktail jigs in the 1/8- to 1/4-ounce class are great, especially in red/white and orange/yellow color combinations. A mix of bright and dark colored shad/tailed jigs are also good to have. Be sure the jigs have extra strong hooks. Doa Lures in the lightest models of the Terroreyz are effective, as are poppers that are 3- to 4-inches long.

Depending on tides and daylight conditions, we can sometimes do split days with a morning and evening fishing adventure in the same day. The Yucatan Peninsula is legendary for light tackle and flyfishing in saltwater, and this is the best place we've personally experienced for a safe, enjoyable, relaxing, fish-catching adventure.


Double Occupancy
3 Nights/2 Days, $1,300
4 Nights/3 Days, $1,850
5 Nights/4 Days, $2,300
6 Nights/5 Days, $2,800
7 Nights/6 Days, $3,200

Single Occupancy
3 Nights/2 Days, $1,990
4 Nights/3 Days, $2,690
5 Nights/4 Days, $3,050
6 Nights/5 Days, $3,650
7 Nights/6 Days, $4,100
*Ask about Family and Summer Rate specials.

Tag & License Costs
All inclusive in your package.

Travel Planning
Fly through Mexico City direct into Campeche (CPE airport code) on United or American airlines and AeroMexico, or we can pick you up in Merida and take a two hour drive to Campeche. Airport pickup in Merida or Campeche is included in your package.

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