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Columbia River, Astoria, Oregon
June 11-30 and July 1-12
$200 per angler/per day (singles, $250/day)
When thinking of fishing the lower Columbia River, most people envision salmon, but June is the month for some of the best sturgeon fishing in the world. Fishing these dinosaurs on light tackle in shallow water, on warm, sunny days, is one of the most thrilling adventures the Pacific Northwest has to offer.
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Detailed Description

Sturgeon Fishing On The Columbia River
The Lower Columbia holds an astounding number of sturgeon. Last June our family fished two days with this guide, and saw one other boat. Fishing pressure is low because anglers are not currently able to retain any sturgeon (this can change), meaning it's all catch and release.

One morning last year, our party of five called it quits by noon. Why? Because our first hookups at 8:00 a.m. found four of us battling sturgeon. For the next four hours, there was always a sturgeon being fought, with doubles and triples occurring more often than not. There were several times where we battled four and five fish at a time. By noon we were simply tuckered out, so called it a day and toured the town.

While the fighting action was nonstop, it was the size of the sturgeon that wore us out. Several sturgeon over 7' were released, including a few over 8' long. Many people think this fishery is only for small sturgeon, but we caught and released very few under 36” in length, and dozens that were much larger.

The fun part about this sturgeon fishing is the shallow water that's fished. Many times we hooked into fish in less than 10' of water; some were caught in less than 5' of water. This means once the hook is set, the fight is on. There are no deep holes for the fish to dive and hang in, meaning runs are long and the fish often jump, twist and turn. Outside of deep sea fishing, these are some of the hardest fighting fish you'll encounter.
Fishing is done on light, quality tackle, by casting out bait and letting it sit on the bottom. But it usually doesn't sit for very long before a sturgeon grabs it. Because the fishing is done very near the launch, you're lines will be in the water within minutes.

This is the perfect fishing adventure for groups of anglers, be they family or corporate getaways. Everyone is assured of catching fish and having a time they'll never forget.

Tag & License Costs
-$19.00 for a One Day license
-$34.50 for a Two Day license
-$50.50 for a Three Day license
-$38.00 for Resident Annual Angling license
-$97.50 for a Nonresident Annual Angling license
-$10.00 for Youth Angling license (12-17 years old)
-$9.75 for Columbia River Endorsement

Travel Planning
Anglers can fly into Portland International Airport and rent a car for the drive to Astoria, Oregon. There are plenty of accommodations, restaurants and sites to see in and around Astoria.

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