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Western Oregon Coast Range & River Valleys
April 15 - May 31
Rio Grande Turkey (black bear and fishing are optional additions)
$450 per person/day ($400/each for 2 or more hunters)
The best turkey hunting west of the Mississippi River is said to lay within the “golden triangle” of western Oregon. We’ve hunted this area for over 30 years, and have a top-notch outfitter to help make your turkey hunting dreams come true.
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Detailed Description

Spring Turkey Hunting In Western Oregon
The wild turkey is one of North America's greatest conservation success stories, and Oregon leads the way with high densities of Rio Grand turkeys, and other subspecies, now thriving in every county.

This turkey hunting adventure finds you in the game-rich Umpqua River Valley. The guide we've been hunting with for over a decade has exclusive access to some of the best private land in multiple counties. A high percentage of birds in this region thrive on private land.

Because there's so much access to prime land, hunter success rates are high. Some properties may only be hunted once or twice a season, meaning birds go virtually un-pressured.

Spring is a wonderful time to be in the turkey woods and in this area, with this guide, there are fishing options that can be added, as well as bear hunting if you've secured a tag. Multiple turkeys can also be taken at an additional cost.

Over the years we've taken many big turkeys with this guide, and having hunted turkeys around the country, can honestly say this is some of the best turkey hunting out there. The habitat being hunted, bird densities and guide knowledge is top-notch. This is one of the best guides we've hunted with and his pricing hasn't changed for years (it's half of what many turkey outfitters offer). He is a big advocate of getting youth hunters afield, too.

Thanks to high bird numbers, attractive scenery and one of the most enjoyable guides we've been around anywhere in the world, this is a hunt we keep coming back to. We're confident your hunting experience will be special, and keep you coming back, as well.

Tag & License Costs
-$29.50 Resident Game Bird Hunting License
-$26.50 3-Day Nonresident Game Bird Hunting License
-$148.50 Annual Nonresident Game Bird Hunting License
-$14.50 Juvenile Resident Game Bird Hunting License
-$27.50 Nonresident Juvenile Game Bird Hunting License (age 9-17)
-FREE Nonresident Juvenile Game Bird Hunting License (age 13 and under)
-$22.50 Resident Turkey Tag
-$77.50 Nonresident Adult Turkey Tag
-$10.50 Nonresident Juvenile Turkey Tag

Travel Planning
Hunters can fly into Eugene, Oregon, then rent a car for the one hour drive, south. Accommodations range from B&Bs to hotels in larger, nearby towns. Camping near the hunting location is also an option. If driving, you can bring your own tent, camper or trailer. There's a nearby RV park with hookups, too.

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