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Mission Statement is a comprehensive website providing free information that will educate, inspire and motivate people to get outdoors.  No matter what age or level of experience, has something for everyone.

Be it hunting, fishing or cooking, provides valued information gathered from decades of personal experience from outdoor professionals, market specialists and seasoned adventurers. also offers insight to field care of big game, cleaning fish, dog handling, camping, shooting, nutrition and more.  From DIY tips to attaining what gear you need, will set consumers in the right direction.

With each purchase, buyers become part of the rewards program, receiving incentives or cash back.  Because we’re not sponsor driven, our revenue is based solely on website sales.  We offer free content and free exposure to relevant gear, and if you like what you see, simply click and buy an item and it will be delivered.

The mission of is to make our world’s outdoor experiences attainable for everyone.

Our Team
The founders of our company are all outdoor enthusiasts and share a passion for teaching and education of others.

Scott Haugen   Tiffany Haugen   Nick Skrepetos
Braxton Haugen   William Barker

Scott Haugen
Scott Haugen is a full-time author, TV host and speaker.  With more than 40 years of hunting and fishing experience, a Masters degree in education, 12 years of public school teaching and more than 1,700 magazine articles, a dozen books and over 400 TV episodes to his credit, Haugen is a wealth of outdoor knowledge.

Scott has traveled to more than 30 countries and across much of North America.  Prior to full-time self-employment in the outdoor industry, Haugen and his wife, Tiffany, taught school and lived a semi-subsistence lifestyle in Alaska’s Arctic, and spent 4 years teaching at an international school in Sumatra, Indonesia

From tracking down and killing a man-eating polar bear in the Arctic, to man-eating lions and crocodiles in Africa, to scaling the tallest peaks in North America for challenging game, and fishing throughout some of North America’s most prized waters, Scott Haugen is honored to share his passions through writing, speaking and producing quality outdoor television.

In addition to his love of hunting and fishing, Scott Haugen is also an avid birder.  He specializes in bird and animal identification and has taught formal classes on the subject.  He’s also a dedicated wildlife photographer.  More than 5,000 of his images have appeared in magazines around the world, including over 70 cover shots for many titles.

Haugen has hosted multiple shows for the Outdoor Channel, has appeared on Wild TV, The Men’s Channel, ESPN and produced/hosted Trijicon’s The Hunt which aired on the Sportsman Channel and is currently Amazon Prime’s top-rated hunting show, airing in nearly 40 countries around the world.  He also owns his own production company, specializing in outdoor adventures.

Scott delivers more than 50 seminars a year and is passionate about educating and motivating others.  Scott’s wife, Tiffany, is a full-time cookbook author, specializing in wild game and fish.  Scott and Tiffany have been married 25 years, and their two sons, Braxton and Kazden, are also part of their family business, traveling the world and hunting, fishing and camping since they were very young.

You can learn more about Scott at

Tiffany Haugen
With a masters degree in education and 15 years of teaching behind her, Tiffany Haugen is now a full-time writer, speaker and recipe developer specializing in wild game and fish. She has more than a dozen cookbooks to her credit, is one of the country's leading outdoor cooking columnists, and is helping raise her sons to hunt, fish, live off the land and eat all they harvest.

Like many outdoor enthusiasts, Tiffany grew up in a family that fished and hunted. Days after getting married, her and her husband, Scott, moved to Alaska’s remote Arctic where they carried out a subsistence lifestyle while working as school teachers in remote Inupiat Eskimo villages. Here they lived on caribou, Dall sheep and moose and Tiffany learned to cook tougher to tame game like eiders, grizzly bear and some of the indigenous fares such as whale and seal.

Little did Tiffany know, but the years spent living in Alaska would later open many opportunities. Traveling the world in search of game, fish, special recipes and unique cooking methods, along with15 years of formal teaching experience and a masters degree, would ultimately change Tiffany’s life.

Today Tiffany writes monthly game and fish recipe columns in more than 30 magazines across the nation. Her latest book, Cooking Seafood, is proving hugely popular, nationwide.

When Tiffany’s not writing, developing recipes and editing, she’s speaking. Annually Tiffany delivers over 50 cooking seminars a year around the country.

Recently, Tiffany’s made cooking appearances on the popular TV show, Trijicon’s The Hunt, which is currently airing in more than 35 countries and on Amazon Prime. Tiffany is also involved in the new online series, Cook With Cabela’s. She continues working with Scott Leysath, on The Sporting Chef, airing on the Sportsman Channel.

Tiffany loves camping, hiking, mountain biking and exploring beaches. Snorkeling and whitewater rafting are things she wishes she had more time for. She also enjoys camp cooking in Dutch ovens.

When Tiffany’s not hard at work or on the road, you can find her and her family living off the land. Tiffany and Scott’s two sons love the outdoors, and the fish and game they take, they skin, butcher and cook, together. That’s what Tiffany loves about the outdoors. It’s healthy. It’s real. It’s our culture.

To learn more about Tiffany Haugen, visit Tiffany Haugen

Braxton Haugen
Braxton Haugen was born into the world of hunting, fishing and the outdoors, thanks to his parents’ full-time jobs in the outdoor industry. At age two, Braxton appeared on his first nationally televised hunting show, chasing varmints with the family.

At age 6 Braxton co-hosted his first two TV episodes; one where he took a pronghorn in Texas, the other where he arrowed his first turkey. By age 10 Braxton appeared on multiple networks, including the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Men’s Channel and Wild TV. Here he was seen hunting in the U.S., Canada and Africa. Currently, Braxton’s hunting adventures can be seen on Trijicon’s The Hunt, on Amazon Prime (airing in nearly 40 countries).

At the age of 10, Braxton landed his first filming and editing jobs. He began filming and editing short, how-to, series’ for some of the outdoor industry’s leading companies, including Cabela’s, Weatherby, BowTech, ThermaCell, Yakima Bait Co., and more. He’s also filmed and edited for Trijicon’s The Hunt TV show.

When asked what his most memorable hunt has been, Braxton replied, “They’re all memorable, but what I love most is the places hunting has allowed me to visit. We’re it not for hunting in Africa I’d not have been able to see some of the remote villages, orphanages, big cities and other life-changing sites. I wouldn’t have been able to experience so many of America’s wonderful places, either, like Hawaii, Florida, and some of the most beautiful country from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, including Alaska and Canada.”

Braxton is also an adventurer who loves zip lining, hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, wake boarding and paddle boarding. One day he hopes to go on a rafting trip down the Grand Canyon.

Braxton’s been fortunate to hunt many big game species, waterfowl and upland birds and fish many of the Pacific Northwest’s–and Alaska’s–famed waters for salmon, steelhead and trout. For Braxton, sharing his experiences through the camera and editing, is wherein his passion lies. He’s also a gifted writer and photographer, and his work has appeared in national and regional publications. He wants more youth to experience all the great outdoors has to offer.

Nick Skrepetos
Nick grew up in rural Ashland, Oregon, on a quaint farm, where he and his family raised cattle and worked a small Christmas tree farm. Njck spent summers ocean and fly fishing with his family in Smith River, California and in the fall, often hunting with his grandfather.

As busy as his rural life was, Nick still managed to find time to work on his hobby – as incongruent to my environment as it was: Apple IIe and Commodore 64 computers. At the age of 15 he had discovered, quite by accident an aptitude and intrigue to all things technology. And by the age of 16, Nick was running his own company out of the family home, with his parents and younger sister taking orders for his products from the kitchen phone. Nick was selling product to school administrators. It wasn’t long before he found myself at the helm of a company, with 20 employees.

And from there, for nearly 30 years Nick has had an established presence in the technology (software) community. Nick's first company, HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) was instrumental in the beginnings of digitally multi-mixed sound systems for game developers. Nick then founded Panicware, Inc. where he served as President and released the popular Pop-Up Stopper product used by over 20 million users. Nick then moved on to form to fight malware and spyware. Over 30 million users downloaded that product to date.

After selling SUPERAntiSpyware, Nick found himself married with children and enjoying the great outdoors again. As Nick was teaching his children to shoot, he realized they needed an easier way to see the hits on the target downrange. This is where he created the Bullseye Camera System to allow his children to see their shots downrange without having to venture downrange. The Bullseye Camera System is now enjoyed by thousands of avid shooters, gun ranges, and law enforcement personel all around the world.

Nick has a deep passion for technology, the outdoors, and teaching and guiding others.

William Barker

Will Barker graduated from college preparatory Marist High School in Eugene, Oregon, June of 2015. While in high school he volunteered his time on various school filming projects. His first school project, a football documentary, was a great success., a national high school football website featured his documentary on the front page of their site. After proving his self-taught knowledge, Will was approached for various other projects for school faculty; he hopes to have begun a trend in student-run filming projects for future students.

Will has been employed in the family business, Bullseye Camera Systems, for several years as the in-house Video Production Manager. Will has had to learn off-the-cuff but feels his practical experiences have been invaluable. He can often be found deep in study on-line or reading books, covering all topics related to filming, editing, and script building. To-date he has filmed and edited over 20 instructional/promotional videos and commercials and has grown greatly in technical and aesthetic ability.

Will’s experience thus far has prepared him to be a productive member of As the Video Production Manager he will continue to contribute via filming, editing, and script building, in addition to being a jack-of-all-trades within the marketing and filming department.

When not working, Will enjoys spending time with his family and girlfriend. He enjoys hiking, fishing, hunting, and engaging in airsoft battles in the great outdoors. He will start college this fall and transfer to the University of Oregon, majoring in Cinema Studies Spring of 2016.

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