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Featured Hunting Video
Archery Ground Blind Hunting Tip

Simulating hunting situations is some of the best bow practice there is. Here, Scott Haugen shares how to prepare for archery hunting from a ground bl...
Featured Hunting Article
10 Tips For Becoming A Better Bowhunter

Looking to boost your odds of bowhunting success this season? Here are 10 steps to help you do just that, no matter what the quarry!

Featured Fishing Video
Salmon & Steelhead Hook Options for Mag Lip Plugs

When changing the hooks on any plug, making sure the proper balance is maintained is key to ensuring the plug runs true. Jarod Higginbotham shows us h...
Featured Fishing Article
Micro Jig Fishing On The Fly

Bridging the gap between fly fishing and float fishing, this approach can catch steelhead, coho and trout, when nothing else seems to work.

Featured Cooking Video
Smoking Fish & Game With: Tiffany Haugen

Smoking fish and game is easy, but there are certain steps and details to pay attention to in order to get the most of the finished product. Here, aut...
Featured Cooking Article
Venison Jerky

Learn how to make great tasting jerky from your deer, elk, caribou, antelope and more!

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